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Selected Works

Soviet Rebel Girl
(Non-musical Pilot)

FORMAT/GENRE: Serialized TV Dramedy

LOGLINE: In 1970s Moscow, a nerdy high school senior discovers the world of bootleg rock records while navigating her overbearing mother, her peppy Communist sister, and the totalitarian Soviet government.

AWARDS: Silver Prize -- 2021 PAGE Awards

NOTABLE RATINGS: Coverfly -- Top 1% in Genre/Format

                               Coverfly -- Top 3% of All Projects


FORMAT/GENRE: Teen Musical Short

LOGLINE: Three high school campers must each face their fears before the summer is over.

PRODUCTION: Commissioned and produced by MT Shorts and the Atlanta Workshop Players.



LOGLINE: An old man's peace and quiet is disturbed when he's gifted a robot pet.


"I am absolutely blown away by the talent and depth that this script shows. It is very rare to find a 5 page script that has a solid 3-act structure, excellent narrative drive, deeply developed characters with a solid arc, and a beautiful and heartfelt story. This is one of the best short film scripts I have ever read and I believe this film needs to be produced. I congratulate you on this incredible script. "

"Wonderful, touching, and hilarious..."


FORMAT/GENRE: Short Mystery

LOGLINE: After a skywritten message intrudes on a funeral, a young widow and her older stepson search for who sent it.


"You nailed every aspect of this story, from the pacing and the structure to the characters and the dialogue. I found myself genuinely thrilled by every twist and turn the mystery took!" 

"...clever, suspenseful screenplay... The revelation... was shocking and chilling.... This brought a tear to my eyes."

"I Am Trash"

FORMAT/GENRE: Mockumentary Short

LOGLINE: A documentary about New York City's dirtiest resident is interrupted by an angry landlord.


"...full of oddball charm, and it's great fun to explore the world of Gabriel the trash monster."

", quirky... The concept of a garbage monster was original and clever. "


"...quirky and creative... Very unique."

"Zoe's Bat Mitzvah"

FORMAT/GENRE: Action-Comedy Short

LOGLINE: Zoe's Bat Mitzvah party is a snooze until her dad gets kidnapped.


"The comedy in this piece, utilising both Zoe's character and the setting itself, provided a refreshing perspective on the Action/Adventure genre."


"Wow!... Very unpredictable story that offered a fun read."

Other shorts include "Avi & Zane" (a comedy set at Purim), "My Chemical Rom-Com" (about a teen emo rock band), "Catch and Release" (a wordless fairy tale), "Ghost Light" (a ghost story at the ballet).

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